Getting Started with ALEX/AXEL

How to get started with ALEX/AXEL, from unboxing to up and running

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Start by unboxing ALEX / AXEL. It comes with

  • a bundled tablet;

  • a SmartScope for auscultations;

  • a SmartCuff for blood pressure measurement;

  • and other accessories (see Nasco guide for details)

ALEX/AXEL is a cloud-connected simulator and as such, requires a wired/wifi connection with internet access.

The included tablet is your keyboard and displays to help you through the initial setup of the simulator.

Pro tip: it’s a good idea to charge both the simulator and the tablet before/at initial setup.

Before first use, your simulator needs to be activated. Activation is a one-time process for which ALEX/AXEL also requires an internet connection.

  • Turn on ALEX and wait until the power button is green;

  • Turn on the tablet;

Pro tip: keep the wifi settings on the tablet as is, you don’t need to change any settings of the tablet. It is pre-configured to always connect to your simulator for ease of use.

  • On the tablet tap on Google Chrome to launch it. It will automatically load the intuitive setup guide.

Follow the on-screen instructions and

From this time on, you can use your own laptop or smartphone (or any internet-connected device) to log in at with your PCS account and control your simulator or view simulation archives, etc.

Pro tip: remember to check your inbox and verify the email address you use to sign up for the online app.

Questions? Feel free to reach out by email at or chat with us directly through our Online Chat Support.

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