What is what on your SmartScope™

Learn where you can find what on your SmartScope™

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You’ll be using this accessory for auscultations with ALEX/AXEL and for blood pressure measurements by Korotkoff sounds on ALEX/AXEL.

You can get to know your Smart Accessories through this video:

Or check out the below for further details:

Your SmartScope™ is an inclusive accessory and is exclusively paired with your ALEX/AXEL.

For now, only one dedicated SmartScope™ can be used with ALEX/AXEL. No action is needed on your part, they will automatically look for each other and pair using BlueTooth technology when turned on.

You’ll find the following on your SmartScope™:

1. Power button

2. LED

3. Micro USB for charger

4. Headphones/Speaker output (aux) - ideal for amplifying sounds for group training

5. Speaker

6. Band for the stethoscope

7. Sensor

8. ID information (place sticker here)

Ready for more? Learn how to assemble your SmartScope™ here.

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