Setup and Use your SmartCuff™

Learn about your SmartCuff™ for blood pressure measurements

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You can get to know your Smart Accessories through this video:

Or check out the below for further details on your SmartCuff™:

The SmartCuff™ is an inclusive accessory with your ALEX/AXEL and is the device you’ll be using for blood pressure measurements. 

It operates with a blood pressure sensor in a box attached to your accessory and it works with batteries.

You’ll need 3V CR1632 batteries for a SmartCuff™ with an unscrewable box and 3V CR2032 batteries for a SmartCuff™ with a box with a poppable lid.

Once your manikin is online and running a session, use the SmartCuff™ with ALEX/AXEL just as you would use a 'normal blood pressure meter' or sphygmomanometer on real patients.

The SmartCuff™ will switch on automatically when you inflate the cuff and will switch off automatically after about 5 minutes of inactivity. 

Learn more about conducting blood pressure measurements by radial pulse palpation here, or about conducting blood pressure measurements by Korotkoff sounds here.

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