Running your first simulation with ALEX/AXEL

Learn how to start and run a simulation on ALEX/AXEL

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Start your simulation

Your ALEX/AXEL is a cloud-controlled smart simulator. You can start, run and control simulations with it directly from the PCS web app at

Log in to the web app and the unit you control will be listed under the Simulators tab.

To start your first simulation power on ALEX/AXEL and wait for him to appear “Ready” for simulations.

Click the "Start" button and select any of the patients from the drop-down in the pop-up, then hit “Start” again.

Navigating your simulation

In the running simulation screen, you’ll find the session control buttons at the top right. Pause, continue, or stop your session from here. You’ll also see a session timer next to the control buttons.

The menu at the bottom of your screen corresponds to the sections in the simulation screen, use it for easy navigation between them.

The Vitals section or Virtual Patient Monitor is where you can monitor/change/influence vitals and waveforms.

Try changing the vital values or selecting conditions through the waveforms by clicking on them. ALEX’s physical behavior will follow instantly.

It will also immediately correspond to what you set under the Sounds section for heart, lungs, and bowel sounds.

Try setting a few sounds and listening to them using your SmartScope.

This is also the location you can access Text-to-Speech and Push-to-Talk features from.

Your ALEX/AXEL has a built-in IrisCam in his right eye, looking at the events from the patient's perspective. Click on the downward arrow to load the live stream.

Pro tip: if you’ve selected the Record option when starting the session, this recording is what you’ll be able to watch back from within the archived session.

At the bottom of your screen, you’ll find the Logs area, with records of all activities during the simulation.

Any changes to vital values or sounds, pulse checks, auscultations, blood pressure measurements (attempted or successful), conversations, etc. will appear here.

To the left, you’ll find the Patient File and the Orders areas.

​​The Checklist on the right side helps you mark your objectives for the simulation.

Pro tip: You can even leave yourself a memo, just type and hit enter (or use the Add to logs button).

Communicating with Alex

ALEX is a patient communication simulator, so while you’re giving him the first run, why not try talking to him.

Enable his AI conversation piece by pressing his shoulder (around the deltoid area), wait for the upward beep-beep sound, and start interviewing as you would do with any patient. You can stop his AI conversation by pressing his shoulder again.

When you’re done with the simulation, just press the stop button in the top right.

You’ll find your finished simulation in the Archive tab with the details of your recently stopped session.

Questions? Feel free to reach out by email at or chat with us directly through our Online Chat Support.

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