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Starting your first simulation with SimVox
Starting your first simulation with SimVox

SimVox is a Smart Speaker that provides conversational AI for your Patient Simulators. Learn how you can get started here.

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You can easily turn ANY simulator into a Patient Communication Simulator with your SimVox. No setup or installation is needed, simply turn on your SimVox Speaker and tablet to get started.

What's in the box:

  • the SimVox Speaker,

  • a bundled tablet,

  • a charging cable for the SimVox Speaker and the tablet,

  • the Quick Start Guide.

Both the Speaker and the Tablet come with a charged battery, but it is recommended that you fully charge the devices before first turning them on.

Using SimVox for the first time

1. Turn on the the SimVox Speaker and the supplied tablet. Once turned on, the devices will start communicating with each other automatically.

2. Connect your tablet to your local WiFi.
Unlock the tablet's screen, then swipe from the top of the screen until you see the status bar. Tap on the WLAN button to access WiFi settings.

Select the wireless network that you'd like to connect to, then enter the password:

3. Navigate back to the homepage of the tablet with the "Home" button (circle button at the bottom), and tap on Chrome:

4. The SimVox control interface should open automatically, with your SimVox ID displayed under Simulators. If you navigate away from this page, you can always return with the "Homepage" icon:

5. Hit Start, select a patient scenario, then hit Start again:

6. Make sure you allow the page to access your tablet's microphone:

7. To initiate conversation close the Getting Started popup, then press the red microhpone icon in the center of the screen:

8. You can pause the conversation by pressing the microphone icon again. To stop a scenario, press the Stop button in the top right.

Would you like to learn more about how you can setup the after your bundled control interface on a different device? Click here for the details!

Did you encounter any difficulties while using your SimVox? Reach out to, or use the online chat support!

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