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Setting up SimVox on a new device
Setting up SimVox on a new device

Set up access to your SimVox control interface

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Your SimVox comes pre-configured out of the box, so you only need to connect the bundled tablet to the internet to get started. However, if your tablet is reset/damaged/lost, or if you would simply like to set up SimVox on a new device you can do so by using a PCS Account that you were prompted to create when purchasing your SimVox.

1. Navigate to and log in with your PCS Account on the device you would like to use as your new SimVox control interface.

2. Press the Simulator settings (Coghweel icon), and navigate to the Sharing tab.

3. Press the + Pair this browser button to link your SimVox to the new device.

4. Log out from your PCS Account.

5. Set up as the Homepage of your browser.

6. Pair the SimVox Speaker to the new device:

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