You can get to know  your Smart Accessories through this video or check out the below for further details.

To use your SmartScope™ on ALEX, you’ll first need to get your ALEX PCS powered on and online. If you need any help with this, start here

Once ALEX is ready for use, turn on your SmartScope by pressing the blue button on the side of the puck (alternatively, place the SmartScope on ALEX’s chest and the SmartScope will automatically power up).

The SmartScope™ will indicate when it is ready, the led on it’s side will turn green. 

Attach the SmartScope™with the flexible band to your stethoscope (we suggest placing the bell end on the surface of the SmartScope for best fitting under the band). 

Place your assembled SmartScope™  to the area you wish to listen to (heart, lungs, bowel) for auscultations.

To power off your SmartScope™when not in use, press and hold the blue button for 9-10 seconds, or just let your SmartScope switch off automatically after about 5 minutes of inactivity. 

SmartScope battery performance is about 5-8 hours.

Your SmartScope™’s led will signal different states for your device, learn about the spectrum here. Or jump here to learn how to use your SmartScope™.

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