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Advanced controls for your SimVox
Advanced controls for your SimVox

Adjust what your learners can see on the tablet that comes with SimVox

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Your SimVox tablet already comes pre-configured with a "learner" PCS account so you can jump straight into simulations, but since the tablet is likely to be used by multiple poeple, it does not allow access to archived simulations, or any of the advanced settings.

When you purchase a SimVox, you receive an automated email from

With this email, you can create your PCS Admin Account that gives you full, unlimited control over your new SimVox.

Setting up your PCS Admin Account

To finalize setting up your PCS Admin account:

  1. Navigate to on your computer or laptop

  2. Enter your email address and click Next

  3. When prompted to create your account, click Yes

  4. Look for the email coming from, and click on the link on the bottom:

  5. Enter your name (optional) and a new password.

What can you do with your PCS Admin Account?

Your PCS Admin Account looks mostly the same as the pre-configured learner account on the tablet. However, you have access to all the settings and configuration options that are otherwise unavailable on the learner account.

What are these options?

  • The Simulators tab, where you can start simulations directly on the device you're currently using without using the SimVox Speaker, change what patient scenarios are available for the learner account on the tablet, and share Admin Access with others, among others.

  • The Archive tab, where you can access the records of previous simulations on your SimVox.

  • The Patients tab, where you can review the available patient scenarios that come with your SimVox. This is where you can also create and customize your own scenarios

Starting a simulation from your PCS Admin Account

When you navigate to the Simulators tab, you can start simulations directly from the device you're currently using. To do so:

  1. Click on the Start button next to the "SIMVOX-001" (your own simulator ID will appear here)

  2. Select a patient scenario from the first dropdown, and a resource set* from the second dropdown:

    *resource sets determine what supporting materials are available during the simulation, including the Patient File, Vitals, and imaging, labs as part of the Diagnose & Treat. Only available from Plus service levels and above.

  3. Click Start to load the simulation on your laptop/desktop.
    Make sure you allow microphone access in the popup if you start a simulation on the device for the first time:

  4. Once the simulation loads, you can turn the microphone on and off with the Microphone icon in the middle of the screen after closing the Getting Started tips. This allows you to talk into the microphone of your device. The AI will respond through the device's speakers.

  5. For the Plus service level and above, additional controls are available from the bottom toolbar:

    - Patient File: Includes additional information on the patient and the encounter, as well as the Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan tabs for note taking.
    - Vital Signs:
    - Sim Log: A log of everything that happens during the simulation, including questions and responses, ordered diagnostics, etc.
    - Diagnose & Treat: A bank of labs, imaging, treatment and consultation options that you can request, specific to each patient scenario.
    - Hints & Progress: General hints and tips, as well as scenario-specific guidance.

  6. If you leave your simulation any time, you can re-join from the main screen of your PCS account any time by clicking on the Join button:*

    *Hint: If a simulation was started from the tablet with the pre-configured learner PCS Account, you can use the same method to monitor it from your PCS Admin account.

  7. You can stop the simulation any time by clicking on the Stop button in the top right:

  8. When you stop a simulation, you are taken to an end-of-simulation debrief screen where you can also review your scores calculated as part of the automatic assessment (available from the Plus service level and above).

Adjusting what patient scenarios appear on your SimVox tablet

By default, all of the bundled patient scenarios are available on the pre-configured learner account on the tablet. You can access the SimVox settings on the Simulators tab to remove the bundled patients from the tablet, or add your own patient scenarios.

  1. Click on the coghweel icon next to your SimVox:

  2. Navigate to the Patients tab:

  3. You can add new patients to the pre-configured learner account on the tablet by selecting a patient and a resource set from the two dropdowns on the top, the clicking on + Add Patient:

  4. You can remove patients you have already added by hovering over the patient with your cursor, then clicking on the X button:

Reviewing previous simulations on your SimVox

With your Admin PCS Account, you can review all previous simulations on your SimVox:

The search field allows you to filter for specific patients or dates.

Open the individual sessions to review the Simulation log, vitals, and requested diagnostics, orders, etc. (available from the Plus service level and above).

Reviewing the patient scenarios available on your SimVox

Your SimVox comes with a set of bundled patient scenarios by default. The pre-configured tablet allows your students to run any of them by default, but does not provide any information on the patients to avoid giving them an unfair advantage.

With your Admin PCS Account, you can review all information on the patient scenarios from the Patients tab:

Click on the Open button on the patient scenario you'd like to review.

  1. A brief description on the patient, as well as the patient's age and weight is available on the Basics tab:

  2. You can review the patient's background information on the Patient Concept tab.
    The 14 sections on the Patient Concept tab determine the patient's responses during the simulation. If the patient is asked about topics that are not included in this description, the AI will come up with a response of its own to ensure conversational fluidity. For example, if names of relatives, hobbies or medications are not included in the patient concept, they may change between simulations with the same patient.

  3. Additional resources are available on the Plus service level and above:

    These include:
    - The Resource set dropdown in the top right: the dropdown allows you to switch between Nursing/Medicine/Paramedicine, etc. resource sets.
    - Objectives: An automated scoring system broken up into various sections.
    - Vital Signs: The patient's vitals can be found here.
    - Support Materials: Includes the Hints & Tips, Patient File and Diagnose and Treat.

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