PCS Spark - Troubleshooting on Desktop

A guide about troubleshooting the possible issues in Spark.

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Having trouble interacting with the Avatar?

First, please make sure that your microphone is allowed in the browser settings:

Then, let's test your microphone by opening your personal menu (little man icon in the top right corner) and clicking on the "Audio Test" button. This is to test if the simulator detects your microphone properly.

In the pop-up window, click on the "Record Test" button, and try speaking into your microphone. At the end of the test, you should see what your microphone picked up during the recording:

Can't find your Assignment?

In order to run a patient scenario, you need to have access (access link) to a simulator. If there are no assignments listed in your account, it means that you have not yet been given access.
First, I would recommend taking a look at your email address and it might be worth checking the spam/junk folders as well. You may either receive a direct link to your virtual simulator or just an access key. If you receive a direct link to your simulator, it may look something like this:

https:// app.pcs.ai/start.html?key=pHxzRKAu

Just click on the link, log in and you'll see the simulator you have access to.

If your faculty has given you a simulator key only, it may look something like this:

To add the key to your account, click your personalized menu in the upper right corner, go to the “Account Settings”, enter/paste the simulator key and click "Add to Keychain".

It is also recommended to check the school websites and learning management systems/course announcements as the access link can be embedded there.

If you can't find an email that contains a direct link or the simulator key you should contact your faculty.

Experiencing a delay in the conversation or the simulation won’t load?

There are certain hardware and software requirements to run the simulation. The easiest way to check if your device meets those is to run a network and a performance test using these pages:

First run this page: https://app.pcs.ai/network and check if any of the rows are not marked with a green checkmark.

Then, please run this page: https://app.pcs.ai/performance

Wait for the test to run, then you should see a number on the screen. Spark requires a minimum result of 1,000 for flawless use of the avatar in the environment. If your score is below that, there are a couple of tricks that might help:

  • Close all other applications on your device

  • Try using an incognito window in your Google Chrome browser

  • Check if hardware acceleration is enabled in your browser: in case of using Google Chrome enter the following address into the URL bar: chrome://settings/system and enable hardware acceleration:

Any further questions? Reach out to your facilitator or feel free to contact the PCS Support Team at help@pcs.ai.

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