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Managing Assignments in PCS Spark
Managing Assignments in PCS Spark

Create and manage virtual patient assignments for your students in PCS Spark

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Assignments are powerful new tools that allow you to facilitate your students' asynchronous virtual simulation exercises.

Once you have Faculty level access to a PCS Spark simulator, you can set up and manage your students' virtual simulation Assignments.

1. Creating an Assignment

1. As Faculty, log in with your PCS Account at

2. On the Assignments tab, click + Add Assignment.

3. Name the Assignment. This will be visible for students.

4. Select a Patient and a Resource Set from the dropdowns, then click +Add Patient.

5. If your Assignment consists of multiple encounters, repeat Step 4. to add further patients.

6. You may want to determine how much time students can spend on a given encounter.

You can set a time limit for each patient individually. You can also decide whether to:

  • Allow them to restart the encounter from scratch indefinitely,

  • Only allow students a single attempt with a patient,

  • Allow students to stop an encounter, then pick up where they left off at a later time, keeping all the progress they have earned so far.

Note: Simulations can no longer be started from Top Level Simulators, but as an owner of a Top Level Simulator you can create new assignments any time.
Top Level Simulator settings are available from the personal menu in the top right corner of the screen.

2. Sharing the Assignment with Students and Faculty

1. Once you're satisfied with the patient selection of the Assignment, click on the Sharing tab.

2. To share this Assignment with your students, click on the Copy Link button. This will copy an Access Link into your Clipboard.

3. Share the Access Link via email or your LMS. Any student in possession of this Access Link will be able to start virtual simulations with the patients added to the Assignment, unless restricted by an Accept List.

4. To add additional faculty members or facilitators you can enter their email address Once you click + Add User, they will be notified via email and gain immediate access to ALL settings and learner archived sessions and once they create their own PCS Account and log in.

Available settings include:

  • Changing the name of the Assignment.

  • Adding or removing Patients or Resource Sets.

  • Switching between the number of attempts allowed.

  • Changing the time limit of each patient encounter.

  • Adding or removing other Faculty from the Assignment.

  • Sharing the Access Link with other cohorts.

  • Revoking the Access Link from ALL current students.

  • Duplicating or deleting the Assignment.

  • Accessing and reviewing students' simulation sessions from the Archive.

Note: NEVER enter a student's email address into the Enter email address section. Doing so will grant them Faculty-level control rights over the Assignment, as well as allow them to see other students' simulations.

5. You can always go back and Edit your Assignments:

3. Revoking student access after the assignment is completed

Once students have completed their virtual simulations, you can revoke their access to the Assignment in two ways.

Option 1.: Click on the Replace Key button.

This will invalidate the current Access Link and generate a new one that you can copy. Any students using the previous Access Link will still have access to the debrief sections of their past virtual simulations, but they will not be able to see or start new simulations without the new Access Link.

Option 2.: Click on the Delete button.

This will delete the Assignment, and revoke access from all students. However, any and all simulations already completed under this Assignment will remain accessible for you from the Archive tab.

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