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Group Performance Report

Review learners’ skills report and get the analytics of their performance during digital simulation events

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Every PCS bundled patient has set learning objectives and automatic scoring based on those learning objectives. The Group Performance Report shows learners' performance across these learning objectives.

In the Group Performance Report, you can filter and sort simulation sessions based on their information: simulator, learner or patient, date or date range, and assessment scores. For every simulation archive, the report lists the name (of who started the session), email address (same), simulator name (ID), patient name, session date+time, session length, interview questions asked, and the total assessment score.

You can filter your report for a specific learner group or program, simulator, patient, or date, using the search field and the date selector. To view your learners’ performance across the set learning objectives, the report includes a column for every learning objective, when filtered for one patient, or patients with the same learning objectives.

Selecting assignments and patients for the performance evaluation

By default, the Archive shows all simulations for the Assignments that you have access to.

You can narrow the selection to specific assignments and/or patients by using search filters from the Assignments tab.

Click the magnifier icon next to the Assignment name. Then, click the magnifier icon next to your desired patient. Filters automatically appear in the search field. You can remove filters by clicking the 'x' while hovering over them.

Switch to the archive tab when you're satisified with your search filters.

The Group Performance Report

From your simulation Archive, click the “Group Perf. Report”:

Once you click on the Group Perf. Report button, a new window will pop up containing the list of student simulations that are relevant for the selected assignment and patient filters.

There are a number of highlighted areas on the image above.

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • Search field: Narrow your search for specific student names, emails, or even phrases said during a simulation.

  • Currently applied assignment and patient filters.

  • Date filter: select a date range to filter for specific dates or events.

  • Download button: Download the report in .tsv format for further analytics: the downloaded text file opens in any spreadsheet or can be used to import in any data management system.

  • Columns that match across all simulations. Normally Simulator and Patient is displayed while using search filters, but if searching for a specific student, student name and email will also be displayed here.

  • Checkboxes to include all objectives and all credits

  • All attempts/Best attempts/worst attempts filter

  • Currently sorted by: Name/email/simulator/start date/length/number of questions/score

Note: the Group Performance Report is limited to 2000 simulations.

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