Archive and Debriefing

Debrief your recorded simulation data and video

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​​The simulation Archive contains all past simulation sessions complete with

  • assessment result,

  • physiological data,

  • trend chart;

  • video and audio recording (for Plus and Pro service levels ),

  • logs;

  • checklist data;

  • the patient file;

  • and orders history.

Use the search bar to locate and select the simulation you want to review.

You can search based on patient names, log entries, dates, and more.

Open the session for debriefing and just expand or collapse the Trend Chart, Team Space, Video, or Logs sections to control what you want to see more information about.

Trend Chart and Video playback are synched. Drag and position the tracker to any desired time during the simulation or click a log entry to jump to the point in the simulation recording.

Questions? Feel free to reach out by email at or chat with us directly through our Online Chat Support.

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