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PCS Flex - Getting Started
PCS Flex - Getting Started
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Note: PCS Flex requires wifi connection with Internet access

  1. Connect the Power Station to an AC outlet.

  2. Connect the Tablet and the Processing Unit to the Power Station using charging cables.

  3. Power on the Processing Unit by pressing the power switch briefly. After a few seconds, the switch will light up. Wait 30 seconds or until the power switch light turns green before continuing.

  4. Turn on the Tablet and follow the on-screen instructions to configure the wifi network connection of Processing Unit for Internet access.

  5. Connect the SmartScope and the SmartCuff to the Power Station before first use. When charged, the SmartScope turns on automatically when moved and the SmartCuff when pumped; they both turn off automatically after a period of inactivity.

  6. Audio: power on the Speaker and the Microphone. Charge them as necessary using the Power Station.

  7. Video: connect camera to the Power Station using the white USB cable to power it up. Camera has no built-in battery, has to be connected to a USB power supply when in use.

  8. Use the tablet or any internet-connected device to log in to

  9. Once logged in, you will see your PCS Flex unit listed in the Simulators list. Click "Start to begin a new simulation. (If not listed, ask the owner of the PCS Flex simulator for access. If you are the primary owner of this unit and your PCS Flex is not listed, contact

  10. Check out the Guided tour from the Profile menu in the top right corner to learn the basics of using PCS Cloud for simulation control. Learn more at

  11. Power off the Processing Unit, Tablet, Speaker and Microphone when no longer in use. Connect them and the SmartCuff to the Power Station to charge.

! Always remove all electronics from shirt before washing. Please read the cleaning instructions sheet before every washing. If lost, contact before cleaning!

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