PCS Spark: First Steps
How to start a simulation? What do you have in a sim session?
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PCS Spark is your virtual patient. Built on the latest machine learning technologies, the PCS Engine delivers conversational AI for patient-provider interview training.

You can check vitals for your virtual patient, take a listen to their heart, and perform different physical examinations which are all based on the specific case.

Simulator owners have access to a simulator upon receiving the welcome or a sharing email. Check your inbox for the welcome/sharing email.

Go to app.pcs.ai and log in or sign up, if you don’t already have a PCS account. Once logged in, you will see this screen:

Click the "Start" and select any of the patients from the drop down:

You will find the necessary information to start the simulation on a pop-up window, please read it carefully, then click "OK, Got It":

Several bundled patients are available with PCS Spark, corresponding to specific interview scenarios. Each patient has specific complaints, symptoms, and past history, allowing for a wide array of topics to cover.

You can stop/pause the running simulation with the control buttons, activate the AI conversation, and see the timer:

  • Time elapsed during the session.

  • The speech bubble icon is to activate conversation with the AI. You'll hear a "beep-beep" sound indicating the AI is listening.

  • Pause (available only for faculty/sim owners) to pause and resume the session.

  • Stop button to stop and exit the simulation session.

  • Click any of the menu icons on the bottom to jump to the relevant window.

Now that the simulation is running, check out the different physical exam tools and findings:

  • The physical exam button transitions the patient into physical examination mode and back.

  • When in Physical Exam mode, choose from the available tools and hover the mouse pointer over the body of the patient to see what physical exam is available at what location.

  • Push down the mouse button to place the displayed instrument on the patient at that particular location.

Whether in Physical Exam mode or not, the patient can be asked verbal clinical interview questions at any time when the patient is in listening mode, as indicated by the toggled microphone icon in the toolbar.

Click on the inverted Physical Exam mode button to exit the physical exam mode.

After stopping, the session is available for you in the simulation archives.

You can search the simulation archive for keywords, date and date ranges and name and email. Archived sessions are sortable by name, date, and length.

Read more about interviewing tips and techniques of the AI.

Grant full access to your simulator for your colleagues and faculty.

Share access with your learners to your simulator to run simulation sessions and interview patients.

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