Preparation for Distance Learning
Here for the first time? Sign up and create your PCS user account to prepare for distance learning with PCS Spark.
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Prepare for distance learning with PCS Spark and sign up to create your own PCS user account. 

Please use a laptop / desktop if possible. Though is supported on multiple platforms, for the best simulation experience a computer is recommended.
Whatever device you decide on, use Google Chrome as your browser.

  • Go to to sign up.

  • Enter your email address and click on "Next":

You will be prompted to create a new PCS Account if you haven't created one previously with this email address, simply click on "Yes":

A verification email is sent to your email address at the same time:

Check your inbox for the "PCS: signup" message and click the link to continue your registration:

Then, enter your name and password:

Finally, please click "Accept" for "Terms and Conditions" and "Privacy Policy" to be able to use PCS Spark after reading it:

You'll see "No simulators." That is fine and expected at this point. You'll see a simulator in the list once you're given access by your faculty.

Once done, please log out to protect your account:

(If using a secure, personal device, consider allowing your browser to save your username and password for an easier log in the next time.)

Check out the detailed instructions on running simulations and reviewing evaluations.

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