Your instructor can choose to provide you with a dedicated device to use to run Facilitator-Free Simulations for your practice, or can choose to allow you to bring your own device and use it to control the PCS.

In any case, you'll first need your PCS account. Once you've got it, you can either log into your account from the assigned device using a PIN  or you can setup to use your own device.

Make sure your device has internet and can run preferrably a Firefox or Google Chrome browser.

Next, you'll need to tell your account which Patient Communication Simulator you are allowed to use for practice.

Your instructor will give you the Simulator Key for this. This you'll receive from them either in the form of a short code (eg. GsXHm5yp) or in the form of a web link.

If you received your Simulator Key as a short code, log into your account at and open your Account Settings.

Then enter your code under the Simulator Keychain area and hit the "Add to Keychain" button.

If you received a weblink from your instructor, just open that link in a browser, it'll land you on the PCS web app. Log into into your PCS account and the Keychain will automatically be added under your Account Settings.

Once you've added a Key to your Keychain you've unlocked the ability to run Facilitator-Free Simulations. Check out some tips about running sim sessions.

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