Live CPR & Defibrillation

Real time feedback for quality CPR and in-software defibrillation for resuscitation practices

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Quality CPR Practice

As soon as you start CPR, the real time CPR window* opens with immediate feedback on compressions: rate, depth, count, and messages based on analyzing the ongoing procedure. “Watch compression depth” or “Increase rate” are a couple examples of the real time messages displaying to help you do good quality CPR.

You’ll also see immediate feedback on ventilations, with additional details on ventilation count and quality.

Electrical Therapy - Defibrillation*

The live CPR window also provides for in-software electrical therapy: simulated defibrillation with the "Shock" button on-screen.

Do not defibrillate Alex with any third-party AED or electrical therapy device. Doing so will void any warranty.

However, for electrical therapy training, you can use your AED to practice patch positioning. NEVER TURN ON AND USE ELECTRICAL POWER on the Alex simulator.

Successful electroshock restores the healthy patient vitals.

*Live CPR feedback and electrical therapy (in-software defibrillation) are available with the PLUS and PRO service levels.

CPR Statistics: Log Events

Detailed feedback is of key importance when practicing CPR. Immediate and comprehensive analysis is provided upon CPR practice/events including metrics, count, and averages*.

CPR event is logged in the simulation events, with its timestamp. The CPR log is a link, opening the feedback window.
Metrics of chest compression force/depth and timing, and rescue breaths detection will display in the feedback window right after the CPR procedure.

*Available with Plus and Pro service levels, detailed CPR feedback is provided, including compression count, rate, depth, and results for the correct procedure (rate, depth, recoil).

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