Learners who run simulations with your PCSs have limited access to your Patient Communication Simulator on app.pcs.ai, be it when logging into their account from your dedicated device or from a device of their own.

From their PCS account's they’ll be able to:

  • Start a simulation with the bundled patients and any patient added to the simulator by you

  • Join sessions that you as the facilitator have started on your PCS.

  • When running the simulation  they’ll see the Virtual Patient Monitor, event logs they create (e.g. communication logs , the Patient File and the Lifeline for information, and with PCS Alex physical exam - pulse and blood pressure checks).

  • Learners are able to customize the virtual patient monitor layout for the PCS Alex.

  • Simulation Archives will list all sessions they have run on their PCS account and any simulation started by you, the facilitator that they have joined.

  • Learners can interview the PCS, and exercise physical examination for the PCS Alex (e.g. pulse checks, blood pressure measurements and auscultations).

Learners won’t be able to:

  • Join already running sessions started by other learners - they'll see the PCS as busy.

  • Modify any vitals (values or waveforms), vital sounds.

  • Create / edit patients.

  • Access the simulator’s settings. 

  • See archives of simulation sessions you ran, but they haven't joined,  or any simulation sessions other learners have run.

Note: If you haven't shared a Simulator Key with your learners, but have setup for Facilitator-Free Simulation using assigned browsers on dedicated devices a learner won't even see your PCS listed under the Simulators tab when they log into app.pcs.ai from any not assigned browser - like their own mobile - , they’ll only be able to access their session archives. 

Interested in more? Learn about what your learners will see during their running session. 

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