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Blood Pressure Measurements by Korotkoff Sounds on ALEX/AXEL
Blood Pressure Measurements by Korotkoff Sounds on ALEX/AXEL

Learn how to conduct blood pressure measurements by Korotkoff sounds with your Smart Accessories on your ALEX/AXEL

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To conduct blood pressure measurements by Korotkoff Sounds on your ALEX/AXEL, you’ll need to use your SmartCuff™ and your SmartScope™. 

To learn about these Smart Accessories in general check out this video or these articles on SmartCuff™ and SmartScope™.

First, make sure your manikin is powered on and online, ready for use. 

Start a simulation session, Alex Adams (Healthy) for example (BP 132/64 or as you set the systolic value). 

Try to listen to a couple of auscultation sounds first (for example a couple of heart sounds) just to make sure your SmartScope™ is functioning properly.

Next, wrap the SmartCuff around the manikin's upper arm (either arm works, exceptions to the IV Arm), just as you would do with a real patient.

Place the SmartScope on the brachial artery on the arm with the cuff (as you can see in the picture above).

Then, inflate the cuff to around 160mmHg. If you listen through the stethoscope, you won't hear anything at this point.

Finally, slowly deflate the SmartCuff. You will start hearing the Korotkoff sounds just under 132mmHg cuff pressure (or at the set systolic value) 

The Korotkoff sound stops when the cuff pressure goes under 64mmHg (or the set diastolic value)

When the cuff is fully deflated, a log entry is created saying "Blood pressure measured successfully by Korotkoff sounds".

No events are created after your measurements? Click here to learn how to check the battery of your SmartCuff as a first step.

Check out how to conduct a blood pressure measurement by radial pulse palpation as well on ALEX/AXEL here.

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