The Led Spectrum of your SmartScope™

What do the different led colors on your SmartScope™ mean and what to do if something goes wrong

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Your SmartScope has a power led on the side of the puck and it can show you different colors, each signaling different things.

The power led could be:

  • OFF to signal the SmartScope is off and not charging;

  • showing constant GREEN when the SmartScope is paired and connected to ALEX/AXEL;

  • showing constant AMBER when the SmartScope is paired, and trying to connect to ALEX/AXEL;

  • alternating GREEN double blink & AMBER double blink when the SmartScope is not paired. In this case, contact us at to pair your SmartScope;

  • slowly alternating GREEN & AMBER when the SmartScope is in service mode (updating or booting up);

  • rapidly alternating GREEN & AMBER when the SmartScope’s battery is low. In this case, simply charge the device to continue using it;

  • pulsing when the SmartScope is on the charger.

If you run into any other issues with the device, please contact us at for further assistance.

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