The "Facilitator-Free Simulation" is what we call a set of features providing you the tool to allow your learners to use and practice with your Patient Communication Simulator on their own, without the need of direct facilitator/instruction supervision. 

With facilitator-free simulations you can incorporate practical self-learning with the PCS in your educational program; and the best part is, you don’t even need to be there. Just take care of the setup and it works like a charm without any faculty or operator oversight.

Yes, some preparation is necessary but once set up, it is available for unlimited and multiple use. Tweak your PCS access and make it available with the relevant patient(s) (simulation sessions) for your learners:

Setting Up on Dedicated Institute Device(s) for Facilitator-Free Simulations
Setting Up for Facilitor-Free Simulations on Student Owned device(s)
Sharing Patient Scenarios for Facilitator-Free Simulations

Learners will be able to fully utilize -  with restricted access - your dedicated PCS and Patients for their simulation practices, to control the simulator and view archives.

Let your learners create their own account to For guidelines, we have compiled a chapter for learners/simulation participants on steps and tips:

Sign-up and Log-in for Practice Simulations
Bring Your Own Device
Power up and Start Practice Simulations
Navigating the PCS User Interface
Review Your Practice Sessions

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