You can grant your leaners permission to use your PCS for Facilitator-Free Simulations through a specific, dedicated device as detailed in this help guide or let them use any internet enabled device of their own to control your PCS as explained here.

To give your learners the option for Facilitator-Free Simulations with your PCS from a specific dedicated device of your choice you first need to specify from where your simulator is going to be accessible for them.

Decide which device(s) you’d like your learners to be able to use for their simulation sessions with your PCS.

Next, log into your PCS account at from that client device (e.g. computer, laptop, tablet) and the browser you’d like your learners to use. (Preferably Google Chrome of Firefox for best experience.) Then open your simulator’s settings by clicking the cogwheel next to the simulator.

In the setting window, go to the "Sharing tab" and click “Pair this browser”. (The button will change to "- Unassign this browser" indicating the browser is currently assigned.)
Make sure you log out fromyour account on once your finished.

From now on, whenever a learner logs into from this client device and your chosen browser they will be able to run simulation sessions with their own individual accounts.

Note: You can assign multiple devices and browsers to a simulator but you can only assign one simulator to a browser/device.

To unassign a browser, just log in at again with your PCS account and open the simulator settings, then click “Unpair this browser” button under the "Sharing" tab.

Next is to make sure learners have  access to a list of patients they'll need for their simulation practices.

Learners can create their own account at, and will be able to fully utilize facilitator-free simulation practice on the assigned device and browser, but with restricted access to the PCS controls and the patient(s).

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