Once you start a simulation with the selected patient, you’ll land on the session control screen.

In the top right, you can pause, resume or stop your simulation session with the control buttons. The timer is right next to these showing the session duration.

On the top left, you can review the description of the selected patient by clicking on the little man icon.

With an ALEX PCS, the Virtual Patient Monitor shows vital sign values and waveforms for the running patient.

Right under your Virtual Patient Monitor you can find your event Logs. It records all activities during the simulation: any conversations you have with your patient during your interview; attempted and/or successful pulse checks, blood pressure measurements, and auscultations.

To the right of the screen you find the Patient File.

And to the left you can find the Lifeline, a helpful guidance provided for your simulation practice.

You can nativage all of these either by scrolling the page and using the left and right arrows, or by using the menu buttons at the bottom of your screen.

Now that you've run a session, learn how you can review the sessions you’ve completed.

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