To be able access and practice with the Patient Communication Simulator, you’ll first need to your account. 

Go to the online application from any device  - like your mobile - and sign up. All fields are required.

Tip: it’s worth saving your login details in your mobile’s browser, it’ll make it all that simpler to generate a pin when you want to use the simulator for self-learning at the dedicated / assigned device.

Once you have your account, you can log in to with your email/password or via PIN login on the device provided for simulation practice.

To use PIN login for the simulation session, generate your pin at (for instance from for instance your mobile).

A PIN is active for 5 minutes and can be used only once.

Select PIN login at the bottom of the screen on the dedicated / assigned device, and enter your PIN.

And you’re all set to practice with the simulator.

If your instructor is good with your using your own device (like mobile or laptop) to run simulations, check out how you can practice by bringing your own device for Facilitator-Free Simuliations.

Once you have an account for your simulations and are logged in, check out some tips about running sim sessions.

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