What is TeamSpace?

TeamSpace is the digital space to discuss, experiment, learn and treat simulated patients, enabling learners to share simulation experiences in real time. Learners can collaborate on a single patient as a small group from different locations synchronously, and evan at different times, asynchronously.

What can you do in TeamSpace?

Any learner can start a simulation. Faculty (simulator owner) can be present or can stay away and review after the simulation session. Participating learners can invite others to participate and collaborate while the simulation is running, or after the active session.

Learners in a small group can work together on the shared goal of solving the scenario:

  • Same digital patient for every simulation participant

  • All participants can talk to the patient

  • All participants can check and hear vitals sounds

  • All participants can orders tests and different labs and see the ordered labs’ and tests’ results

  • All participants share access to the patient file

  • All participants can see the digital patient monitor

Learners can have real time discussion (as in a conference call) and can communicate with chat messages as well.

TeamSpace Requirements

TeamSpace capable PCS simulators:

  • Spark Plus

  • Spark Pro

  • ALEX Pro

Join a small group (multiplayer) simulation:

  • 4-6 (ALEX Pro) 4-8 (Spark Plus and Pro) learners can participate in a running session concurrently

  • Learners (guests) need to have their access enabled to the simulator (simulator key)

  • Participants for a simulation need to have their personal invitation

  • The digital patient needs to be available on the simulator

Virtual Simulators

  • All browser based.

  • 4-8 concurrent participants in a running simulation.

    • Any number of invited participants - when a spot frees up in a running simulation, an invited leaner can join the session.

  • Physical examination displayed real time to all participants.

  • Different tests’ and labs’ orders are logged and results displayed on-screen real time.

  • Any participant can interview the patient from their own browser.

  • Any and all simulation events are logged and tagged by the participant’s name.

  • TeamSpace (written) chat messages also added to the simulation event logs.

Physical Simulators

  • 4-6 concurrent participants in a running session.

  • Any number of invited participants.

  • All participants see the live video from the simulators’ built-in camera (ALEX’s IrisCam video feed)

  • Physical examination (auscultation sounds) played to all participants.

  • Blood pressure measurement Korotkoff sounds played to all participants.

  • Different tests’ and labs’ orders are logged and results can be displayed in the browser.

  • Remote participants can interview the patient via their computer and can hear the simulator’s response. (Basic prerequisite is to have at least one person physically next to the simulator with the bundled tablet or a computer.)

  • Remote participants are able to see live CPR activity and results when the patient is resuscitated.

TeamSpace Invitation Rules

  • TeamSpace invite sending is unlimited.

  • Anybody having simulator access and an email invite can join a simulation session, either live or archive, on a TeamSpace capable simulator.

  • Anybody joining a live simulation with invitation is logged in the simulation events.

  • Any invited participant can invite others.

  • Participants can join a live simulation until the maximum number of concurrent participants.

  • Participants can leave a live simulation any time, giving up their spot in the simulation for another to join.

  • Leaving the live simulation will not revoke access to the simulation session.

  • Faculty (simulator owner) can join a live simulation even if the maximum number of learners are already present in the session.

TeamSpace access is provided by and limited to the access rights of an authorized PCS.ai user.

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