You can control your ALEX simulator from any client device with internet connection. Whether you are in the same room or in a different building, even in a different city or country, all you need is a device (laptop, computer, tablet or even smartphone) with internet and you are good to go.
Note: for live and recorded video, desktop Chrome or Firefox are required, all other functions and setup work on any device.

Providing restricted access for Learners and Simulation Participants

Ever wanted to share a recorded simulation scenario with your participating learners? Or use a recording for setting examples and educate? With ALEX, no need to export or save anything, you can easily share simulation session with your learners.

From the, simply copy the entire simulation URL and email it to learners, peers, or anybody you wish to show the session.

When recipients click the copied URL, they will be able to see the selected simulation recording, and only that one recording, with a restricted access:

Restricted access is defined by copying the simulation session URL and NOT sharing the simulator at the Properties Page. Recipients of the simulation URL are identified as read-only viewers. Learners / read-only viewers will see the followings for the recorded simulation scenario:

  • Threndchart and video recording, synced
  • Patient File
  • Checklist, with the selected responses if any
  • Logs to type any notes or comments they have

Learners / read-only viewers will NOT be able to

  • Edit Checklist: select responses or change selected ones
  • See initial, facilitator logs
  • Delete the simulation recording

While the simulation session is running and live, sending the simulation URL to viewers will grant read-only (restricted) access to the live scenario. Restricted access for a live simulation session gives viewers:

  • Real time vital signs display
  • Patient File
  • Checklist, but without the option to edit
  • Logs to type any notes or comments they have
  • Control buttons (pause, stop simulation) are not available for read-only viewers.
  • Live video is disabled to save bandwidth and on-board computing power for read-only viewers. Once the simulation is finished, they can watch the video at the same web address (URL).

Read more about how to allow your colleagues to control and view ALEX.

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