Do you have an av system in your simulation center? Great! It’s a wonderful benefit to have camera equipped exam rooms and record all activities during a simulation scenario! 

Do you want to provide your learners with new insights into their actions? What if, in addition to the room cameras, you could integrate another camera from the eye of the simulator providing a patient's perspective?

Are you, at present, without an av system? That’s OK! You still provide terrific learning experiences using simulation! 

Do you want to provide your learners with new insights into their actions? AND be able to see into camera-less spaces?

Enter: The IrisCam!

ALEX's IrisCam is in his right eye, live streaming and recording* what he sees during the simulation.
*recording is only available for Plus (1,000 hours) and Pro (unlimited)

LIVE STREAMING easy as ABC, once you have ALEX powered on and ready for a simulation exercise, live streaming to any location is available automatically. All you need to do is login to your ALEX from your favorite device!

  • Select a simulator from the list and click ‘Start’

  • Select any 'Patient' from the list, select the "Record video" checkbox for recording the session video, and click ‘Start’

  • Starting the simulation will start the simulated vitals according to the patient selection AND the camera live streaming

  • As soon as you open the video window, you will see the video connecting
    Note: connection time and streaming quality may depend on your network traffic, especially if you are using wireless

  • Even if you are not in the simulation room, you can watch and listen to the activities and the scenario from your client device with internet connectivity and you can see through the eye of ALEX.
    Note: check specific access requirements for sharing control and session.


  • For optimal image capture, place ALEX at a 45-60 degree angle sitting up in a hospital bed or gurney with a pillow behind his head, turning his head or neck in the desired direction.

  • Invite others to view live simulation via email, control ALEX remotely and access Simulation Archive. Sharing is available from the


Visit the Video Streaming and Recording article to learn more.

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