Interact with ALEX as you would with any human patient: using good communication techniques. 

  1. Start the conversation by touching his shoulder (deltoid area, either side). 
  2. The “be-beep” sound means he is listening and you can begin talking.
  3. Speak naturally.
  4. Use short and concise questions and statements. 
  5. Ask one question at a time and avoid leading questions.
  6. Pause after each question and listen for ALEX’s answer. 
  7. You can ask your next question right after his answer.
  8. If ALEX didn’t understand, restart the conversation and try rephrasing the question. 
  9. End the conversation by touching his shoulder or saying “OK, thank you ALEX”. He will confirm he is no longer listening with the “be-boop” sound.


The PCS speech engine uses Google™’s automatic speech recognition API to transcribe human speech (in this case, short utterances of commands, questions, or dictations) into text; and various Machine Learning technologies to select the most likely appropriate response utilizing neural networks trained on the ever growing dataset, statistical methods and grammatical analysis.

Don’t worry if you have an accent! Using Google™’s speech services, ALEX’s speech recognition is enhanced with each passing day as millions of users around the world grow the repository with each interaction. ALEX will do his best to understand your accent, and 9 times out of 10 he’ll get it right. 

Concerned about a noisy environment? Don’t be! Google’s speech Noise Robustness handles noisy audio from many environments without requiring noise cancellation. On the other hand, strong echoes might be challenging - if possible, place him in an acoustically friendly environment. Having a few pillows and blankets around could make all the difference.

Speech recognition and natural language processing is an evolving technology. ALEX’s integration with Google Cloud Speech and cloud connectivity status ensures he has the most recent gains in this field. Just like Amazon™’s Echo™ Alexa™ or Apple™’s Siri™, he lives on the cutting edge. Be patient with ALEX, spend some time with him and get to know him. He is the future.

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