PCS ownership can be controlled by any current owners; simulator ownership means full control of the simulator and access to all simulation session archives of that simulator.

The Simulator Key is your tool to provide your learners with individual, off-site simulation practice or distance learning, without the need of your real-time supervision. The Simulator Key gives access to your simulator and the patient(s) you selected to run sessions.

Learners will be able to run sessions on your simulator as long as the key code (simulator key) is not changed. Even after the key is changed, they will be able to see the sessions they participated in, in their Archive.

Enable access by sharing the Simulator Key

  • Go to app.pcs.ai and log in.

  • Click the gear next to your simulator for the simulator settings.

  • Go to the Sharing tab, this is the screen you'll see:

You can copy the access key only, or you can share the key in a direct link.

  • Copy Key: learners will need to type in or copy-paste the access key in their PCS account setting.

  • Copy Link: learners will be directed to app.pcs.ai log in / sign up and the access key is automatically saved to their PCS account setting simulator keychain.

  • Anybody with a simulator key will have access (after signing up and/or log in) to the individual simulator and the patients added to that simulator.

Revoke access by replacing the Simulator Key

You can revoke access to your PCS simulator any time by generating a new access key.

  • Click Replace Key to revoke access from your simulator and generate a new key.

  • Learners with the old key will still see their session archives but will no longer be able see the simulator in their “Simulators” list.

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