Community Content is a collection of any patient scenarios created by authorized PCS users (owner/faculty), and published in the cloud library to be available for the PCS user community.

To see these published patients, log in with your PCS account at

Click on "Patients", then the "Community Content" tab.

All public patients are read only; that is, you can run them on your PCS simulator(s) and open them to create your own, editable copy.

For full details on content authoring and customizing patient scenarios, see the Patient Editor collection.

To make sure credit is acknowledged of any public patient, the "About" tab displays information of the origin of the patient. "Based on" section is read only, listing any and all earlier version(s) of the patient.

The upper, editable text field is for entering any information about your institution, program or yourself you wish to share with anyone opening your patient.

To share your patient with all PCS users from the "Community Content" library, tick the checkbox on the "Sharing" tab, "Add to Community Content".

A pop-up message will ask you to confirm publishing your patient in the PCS Community Content library.

Note: When the "Add to Community Content" checkbox is selected and your patient is published, it is visible and accessible globally for all PCS simulator owners.

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