Whether wired or wifi is your choice of connection for PCS Alex, to set them up you’ll need another wireless enabled client device. This can be the tablet you received with PCS Alex 2.0 or your own computer, laptop, smartphone, etc. 

Start by powering up PCS Alex as explained here

Next, grab the additional device and connect to your PCS Alex’s wifi signal with it (the signal will be named after your unit and it’s simulator ID e.g. ALEX0123). Make sure to disable any other connection, like a 4G, additional ethernet cable, etc.

Once connected to PCS Alex’s wifi signal open a browser (preferably Google Chrome or FireFox) on this additional device. Go to the webpage http://setup.pcs.ai which is the setup page for your PCS Alex. It will guide you through the steps to bring your unit online.

When prompted choose which connection type you want to set up for Alex and follow the on-screen prompts.

Once Alex is connected follow the prompts to create your PCS account / or use an existing one to log in.

Now it’s time to start your first simulation. :) Learn how here.

Run into any difficulties while bringing your unit online based on the above? Check out this quick help on brining PCS Alex online with a wifi connection; or this one on bringing PCS Alex online with a wired connection. 

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