Tip 1. Go through ALEX’s setup following the Steps 1 - 5. of the Getting Started with PCS Alex guide.

Upon account creation - as with all passwords- we strongly recommend you do not share your password with anyone.

Tip 2: PCS Alex requires an active internet connection to operate. You can find it’s network requirements here if needed.

Tip 3. You can control PCS Alex from any internet enabled device that runs a browser. Just log into your account on the PCS web app at https://app.pcs.ai.

Tip 4. Do not worry if you are the first to setup your  PCS Alex unit. You can share control rights of your unit with  colleagues as detailed  in this video.

Tip 5. Chrome or Firefox are  PCS Alex’s preferred browsers for full functionality.

Tip 6. Once  PCS Alex is all set up and online book your Free Orientation Call to get a kick start on his usability. 

Or  take the Guided Tour which is available via your personal menu of your PCS web account.

Should you need any assistance you can always reach us by sending an email to help@pcs.ai or through our live Online Chat Support available through the above shown personal menu of your PCS web account.

Ready to assemble PCS Alex? Click here to get started.

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