Welcome to the PCS Alex user community. Follow these quick steps to get up and running with Alex:

If you need more details, just click on the step’s hyperlink.

Step 0. Bite Size ‘Good to Know’-s about how to get started; from where you can control your Simulator and what browser to use.  This one you can skip ;), but knowing about them could simplify your everyday use of PCS Alex . ;)

Step 1. Assemble your PCS Alex. Get ALEX out of the box and ready for power up.

Step 2. Power up your PCS Alex. Get ALEX powered on and ready for setup.

Step 3. Prepare to bring PCS Alex Online.

Step 4.  Connect your PCS Alex to your Network

Step 5. Log in and Start Your First Simulation

We wish you a happy PCS Alex Setup.

Should you need any assistance you can always reach us by sending an email to help@pcs.ai or through our live Online Chat Support available through the personal menu of your PCS web account.

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