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Alex R. Kasyan (Chest Pain)

Mr. Kasyan, 68, is in ER bed. Handoff briefing, "He just came in through triage. He is having chest pain 8/10 scale. We took him straight back and the tech is getting in the bed now. His wife is getting him registered. Can you get him going?"

Aaron Quinn (Confusion)

Mr. Quinn is a 58-year-old retired factory worker with a history of chronic renal insufficiency and has been followed in the renal clinic for several years with increasing BUN and creatinine levels. He has been a bit confused and his family says that they were concerned, so they called his doctor who instructed them to admit him to the floor for evaluation.

Adam Stark (Respiratory)

Mr. Stark, 78, was admitted this morning after working outside at home and feeling short of breath. The handoff report states: "He says he has a 10 year history of COPD and he’s a smoker. His vital signs are: Temperature 99.0 F, HR 90, Pulse OX 90% on 2 liters nasal cannula, and BP 140/80. His lungs sound ok, a little wheezy. They drew some labs and got an X-ray. The attending physician wants you to call him and update him on his status. Thanks."

Andrew Landry (Substance Abuse)

Mr. Landry, 45 has been here for the past two days recovering from alcohol withdrawal. The verbal handoff: "He is responding to treatment; but he is still agitated at times with tremors. He has had no seizure activity. We are managing his agitation with Valium. The doctor usually calls around this time for an update. I have to run. Thanks."

Valentine Frederick (Insomnia)

Ms. Valentine Fredrick, 40 y/o female, is being seen because she just doesn’t feel herself lately and told the intake nurse that she hasn’t been sleeping well and is “just so tired all the time”.

Vernon R. Hawthrone (Cough)

Mr. Vern Hawthorne, 55-year old male has come in today with a complaint of cough. He just needs a "Z-pack to get going and back to work".

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