The following scenarios are bundled content for all PCS ALEX users. As ALEX continuously evolves, these scenarios are routinely updated as needed. All bundled content is immediately and automatically updated for all users.

Alex R. Kasyan (Chest Pain)

ALEX Kasyan, 68 y/o male, has come to the ER with the complaint of chest pain.

Aaron Quinn (Confusion)

Mr. Aaron Quinn, 58 y/o male, has come to the clinic today with concerns of increased confusion.

Anette Stark (Respiratory)

Mrs. Annette Stark, 79 y/o female, came to the hospital this morning feeling short of breath after working outside at home.

Andrew Landry (Minor Car Accident)

Mr. Andrew Landry, 58 y/o male, has come to the ER following a minor car accident.

Valentine Frederick (Insomnia)

Ms. Valentine Fredrick, 40 y/o female, is being seen because she just doesn’t feel herself lately and told the intake nurse that she hasn’t been sleeping well and is “just so tired all the time”.

Vernon R. Hawthorne (Cough)

Mr. Vern Hawthorne, 55-year old male has come in today with a complaint of cough. He just needs a "Z-pack to get going and back to work".

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