Once the PCS Spark app is installed on your device you’ll first need to pair your simulator with it  before you can start your first simulation.

Any time you launch the PCS Spark app on any device you’ll be asked to verify yourself with a PIN from your PCS account.

When you launch the PCS Spark app you’ll land right in the middle of the clinic scene where you’ll see a seat for your patient to the left and you’ll find a projector screen to the right. 

To span your view in the PCS Spark app rotate your head with your headset on while using the PCS Spark app for Oculus Go. 

The projector screen will first ask you for the PIN. You will need to generate your PIN from your PCS web account.

Log into the PCS web app , this you can do on your smart device, laptop or PC. For best experience we recommend opening the web application in a Firefox or Google Chrome browser.

In the PCS web app, open your personal menu by clicking on the user account icon in the top right hand corner and select “Generate PIN”. 

Now take this PIN and go back into the PCS Spark app on your device. Enter this PIN on the projector screen by clicking with  the trigger buttons on your controllers  with PCS Spark app for your Oculus Go 

Upon first use of your simulator on a device you’ll need to allow this device's browser to pair with your simulator. This can be done by clicking on the “Pair” button appearing next to your listed simulator(s) on the next screen.

As soon as you confirm this action, the “Pair” button will turn into a “Start” button and you’ll notice that your Spark also appears in “Ready” status under the Simulators tab in your PCS web account.

Now you are ready to simulate with Spark. Get some help on starting your first simulation here

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