Once the device you plan to install the Spark app on is ready for use, follow links in the separate email you'll receive regarding the Spark app having been shared with you and install the app for it.

Please note, to be able to download the Spark app you will need to have an Oculus account / and or a Microsoft account.  If you don’t yet have one, don’t worry, simply follow the prompts to create your new account. 

You can find more help on adding and installing apps with  Oculus Go here.  

For further support on creating an Oculus or Microsoft account and on how to get and install apps on these devices please turn to the respective support lines.

Reach Oculus Support here or reach out to Microsoft support here

Once the Spark app is installed on your device, you are ready to pair your new simulator with your device and start simulations. Learn how to do this here

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