By default your learners will see any patient scenario that came bundled with your PCS. However, to make sure your learners can see and run any relevant patient(s) that you yourself have created for their practice sessions, you'll need to enable those patients on your PCS.

Open the Patient you wish your learners to be able to access and practice with, and go to the Sharing tab:

All the simulators you own, or that are shared with you will be listed in the “Add Simulator” drop down. Select the unit you'd like to run the patient on. The PCS will be added to the "Shared with" list, meaning your patient will be accessible from that simulator.

Note: unlike when sharing your PCS, or a patient with co-workers, no email notification is sent when you assign a simulator to a 'practice patient' for the facilitator-free simulations.

When your learners log in at, they'll be able to select the patient on the dedicated simulator from the assigned device and browser for their simulation practice exercises.

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