By default, simulator owners will see any patient scenario that came bundled with your PCS. However, to make sure your learners can see and run any of those bundled patients, or custom patient(s) that you yourself have created for their practice sessions, you'll need to enable those patients on your PCS.

Click the gear next in the line of your simulator to open the simulator settings:

Next, go to the Patients tab:

Click the arrow to open the patients' dropdown list:

All the patients bundled with your PCS, any patients you created, or are shared with you, and any public patients are listed here. You can scroll to see the full list.

Just select and click the patient you want to assign to your simulator. Those will be added and available for your learners to run a simulation.

If you wish to remove a patient from your simulator, simply click the "X" next to it. Removing the patient means your learners will not be able to see and run that patient.

Note: unlike when sharing your PCS, or a patient with co-workers, no email notification is sent when you assign a patient to the simulator.

When your learners log in at, they'll be able to select the patient, and only those patients you assigned to the simulator, and run a simulation session:

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