Once you’ve created objectives for your patient scenario (as explained here) you’ll want to define credits (as explained here)  and how criteria for this credits should be counted as met (as explained here).

Start here if you haven’t learned yet about setting criteria for credits in general. 

After having defined how criteria should be counted as met, you’ll also want to create the criteria for your credits. You can add as many and any variation of criteria you like, and can choose from the following types of criterion to set:

  • "Speech conversation responds with" - meaning the patient must say a specific response from under their conversation settings;

  • "Log entry including:" - meaning a specific log entry must be entered into the running simulation's logs;

  • "Vital sign value:" - meaning a specific vital value must go above or below a certain value;

  • “Checklist item” - meaning a specific objective in your Checklist has been “marked as ✔” or “marked as ✘” during the running session

Simply use the “Add Criterion” button to start creating your criteria for the Credit

Learn more about defining when a credit counts here.  Or jump here to learn about setting credit points for objectives. 

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