Once you’ve created objectives for your patient scenario (as explained here) you’ll want to define credits (as explained here)  and criteria for this credit to count.

Start here if you haven’t learned yet about setting criteria for credits. 

First define how the criteria you create should be completed in order for the credit to count. Use the “Give this credit if” drop down to select your preference.

You can choose between

  •  "all in any order" - meaning all criteria you list here happens but it doesn't matter in which order

  •  "all in this order" - meaning all criteria you list here happens, but they must happen in this strict order

  • or once you've added a list of criteria you'll also be able to set that any 1 or any 2 (or any number of the listed criteria ) are met for this credit to count;

Next tell your patient since when it should be watching for these criteria by selecting your preference from the dropdown next to “the following happens since starting”:

You can choose from:

  • "the simulation" - the criteria has been met any time since simulation start

  • "current state" -  the criteria has been met during only the state that is currently running

  • "initial patient state" - the criteria has been met during the initial patient state was running

  • any other patient state you've created - the criteria has been met during the specific state was running

Finally, you’ll use the “Add Criteria" button to set the criteria for the credit. Learn about the types of criteria you can add here.

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