Once you’ve created  your own patient (learn how to here) you can add as many patient states to it as you like. You can even customize each to your simulation needs as explained here.

You can always choose to switch between states manually as well, but you can also set your patient up to progress between your states on its own just by   predefining a condition or a set of criteria to trigger the automatic switch to your preferred state. 

Start by opening the patient state from under the States tab and go to the Autostart tab to begin setting criteria for the state to launch.

You’ll be using the Add Criteria button to add the trigger(s) for this state to launch. You’ll be able to choose from a variety of criteria types. Learn more about them here.

You will also need to tell your patient how the criteria you create should be completed in order for the state to launch 

 and since when the program should be watching for your criteria (learn more here). 

You can also check out our example patient that we’ve set up to switch states on its own here

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