When you create additional patient states for your own patient scenarios (as explained here) you’ll want to arrange them in the order you wish them to follow each other.

Weather you plan to switch between states manually or you wish to set-up for auto-progress the order in which your states follow in your patient’s settings will be important.

For manual progress this is important as whenever you hit the ffw button in the control screen, the next state in order will be applied.

For having your patient switch states on it's own this is important because if the same criteria would fulfill two states at one time, the first state in order will be applied.  

You can rearrange your states with a simple drag & drop of the items anywhere within the list by clicking the three little cubes at the left hand of the line and moving the item to your needs.

Hitting the "OK" button will finish editing the patient and return to the Patient Editor.

Did you know you can have your patient say a specific sentence when entering a new state? Learn how to do this here

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