When you create additional patient states for your own patient scenarios (as explained here) you may want to build onto the settings you’ve already applied to a previously created patient state. Or sometimes a patient state you’ve created may not be needed anymore.

If you don't want to start a patient state from scratch, you can copy an existing state by opening the state and clicking on the "Copy" button.

NOTE: Copying an existing state will copy over the patient state's "Vitals" and "Sounds" settings. "Conversation" settings however, are always inherited from the "Initial Patient State" of the patient.

Or If you want to remove a patient state from the list, open it and click the "Delete" button. 

Add as many patient states as you like, just be mindful that the order of these states will matter both for manual and auto-progress toggle between them during an ongoing session.

 Learn how to reorder your patients’ states to your needs here

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