Once you’ve created  your own patient (learn how to here) you’ll be able to personalize most any aspect of it by customizing the settings for the patient’s state(s).

You can add as many patient states to your patient scenario as you like, and can customize each to your simulation needs. If you haven’t learned about how to customize your patient’s state(s) yet, start here

With the help of these states you can have your patient easily switch from one state to another either by manually clicking your way through states or by defining the trigger for the states to  switch.

To add a new patient state open your patient from the Patients tab, and go to the "States" tab.

Then just click the "+Add State" button to create a new state and type a name for it. Finally hit ENTER to save it.

Then customize the settings of the state to your needs. 

Now that you have more than one patient state in your patient scenario, find out how to manually progress between them with just a click here

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