You can add new and/or edit existing conversation items to the Conversation settings of any patient state for any patient you’ve created.   

There’s just one catch, if your patient has duplicates of the same Category, Topic or Questions it may become confused and provide you with an incorrect answer or end up not knowing what to answer all.

If you haven’t done so yet, we strongly recommend getting to know all about the logic of your PCS’s conversation settings build-up here before customizing it.

The best way to avoid duplications in your patient’s conversation settings is to use the filter bar at the top of the Conversation tab to check  if the conversational piece you are looking for already exists in some form; to check if you can alter any of them to you needs or if you need to add new items to meet your needs in your custom patients.

Enter your keyword(s) and the filter will list all Categories, sub Topics and sub Questions that contain the keywords. All items that contain the specific keyword(s) will be highlighted with a yellow border.

Note: If a listed Category or Topic appears as a result, but isn't highlighted with a yellow border it means that the specific key word you searched for was found in one or more sub item. Click on the items without a yellow border to check for the sub-items.

Simply review the filter results and edit existing ones to your needs or add completely new ones if your expected item doesn’t exist.

Check out how to edit items here, or how to add new ones here

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