To begin creating your own patient, you’ll first need to create a basis for it. If you haven’t created yours yet, start here.

Once you’ve created the basis for your patient scenario, you’ll be able to personalize most any aspect of it, including the state(s) of your patient during your simulation. 

Your custom patient scenario initially carries the details of it’s parent patient scenario (the scenario you copied to create your own patient template). Each patient comes with what is called an Initial Patient state, which is the state in which your patient is when you start running a session with it.

To modify a state for your patient, open your patient from under the "Patient’s" tab and go to the "States" tab. 

At the very least, you’ll find your patient’s "Initial Patient State" listed in this tab, which you can start editing away, by clicking on the “Open” button.

Here you’ll be able to customize the patient’s vitals, sounds, conversation and so forth for the specific patient state. 

Learn more about each of the aspects you can edit in your patients’ states through our articles on Patient States. Get a quick start by clicking here to learn about editing vitals for your patients.

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