You can always create your own patient file for your own patients as detailed here, but what if you need to add some more information about your patient. 

You can always provide any additional information on your patient not included in the patient file, or any external web-based information through Background info.  

Open your patient from under the "Patients" tab, and under the Resources tab add any link starting with https:// to an online document in the field next to "Background info" and make it quickly available.

Once you hit save, this background info will be available when every you start a simulation with this patient.

Just click on the hyperlink and the document will appear showing the details you've provided in the document.

You can also access the background information link during your running simulations by clicking on the little man icon in the top left corner.

Just click on the hyperlink that will lead directly to the web address you've provided. 

Did you know that you can co-author patients with other Educators / Facilitators? Check out how to share patients here

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