The checklist is a list of objectives that you, the facilitator can use to make note of the expectations related to the scenario and during a running session, mark which of those have been met. 

Your custom patient scenario initially carries the details of it’s parent patient scenario (the scenario you copied to create your own patient template).

As such, you can either decide to reuse the existing checklist of the original patient, or you can create a totally new one. 

To personalize the checklist, open your patient from under the "Patients" tab and go to the "Resources" tab. Then open the “Checklist” section.

In the pop-up window you can select whether existing items are required (yes/no) by selecting the ones you need. You can remove items completely by clicking on the trash icon next to them when placing your mouse cursor over them.  

Add new sections and new items as you need using the Add buttons, or edit existing ones by clicking into them.

You can even rearrange items simply by  dragging & dropping them to their new location. Just click on the three little cubes at the left hand of the line and move the item to your needs.

Any and all actions, modifications are saved instantly as you make them.

Clicking OK at the bottom of the window any time will take you back to the "Startup" tab.

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