To begin creating your own patient, you’ll first need to create a basis for it. If you haven’t created yours yet, start here.

Once you’ve created the basis for your patient scenario, you’ll be able to personalize most any aspect of it. 

Initially, the word "COPY" in the name field indicates your copied version. You can change the name, the scenario summary and description when clicking into those fields on the "Basics" tab.

Additionally you can decide your patients age, and whether your patient is male or female.

Note: Language modification will reset conversation content.

You can immediately start the new patient scenario on any ALEX simulator you have access to through the "Start Now on" list -  provided that chosen simulator is powered up and online. 

You can of course always run your shiny new patient directly from under the Simulators tab as well, just as you’d start a session on your Simulator normally.

Make sure to save your changes by clicking OK.

Did you know you can also personalize the resources related to your patient (such as the checklist and patient file) of your custom patient? Click here to learn more about customizing the Checklist or here to learn how to customize the patient file.

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