When running a simulation you may want to share essential information through the patient monitor about your patient with your learners without having to present the full session control view.

You can always choose to create a separate Bedside Station view or a Vitals Only view of your running session with a simple click.

Simply start your simulation from under the Simulators tab of the web application as you’d normally do, then go back to the Simulators tab from your session control (by clicking on the back arrow in the header).

Once there, click the settings icon next to your simulator.

In the pop-up window, go to the Status tab where you’ll find two hyperlinks for a Patient Monitor; the  “Bedside Station” and the “Vitals Only” links.

Clicking on either of these links will open the view in a completely separate tab with a personalized web link which you can use to share the view for projecting on other devices, or even to share with your learners to open on their own internet enabled devices. Sharing links to a Bedside Station or Vitals Only view provide view only access.

Note: Bedside Station and Vitals Only links are only active for running sessions.

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